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About us

Meet our team

ILC is a collaboration of like-minded individuals and businesses brought together by Chris Ashworth, the Managing Director of Innovation Group Motor Division.

We’re not setting out to become a representative body or an organistation which charges for membership. There are others out there who do that very well.

Our goal is simply to create a platform for communication, deliver industry-specific news and promote an ethos of working together and more efficiently in the interest of the customer.

We launched in February 2010 with the mission to make us all ‘Better Tomorrow Through What You Learn Today’.

We distribute informative newsletters that cover all sectors of the claims industry as well as White Papers, videos and insight. They are provided at no cost to registered users and the events that we deliver are produced with a similar high quality, low cost approach.

Quite simply, if your business is Claims it’s your job to join us. Click here to register NOW!

Don’t forget to spread the news round your own team and wider business to help us give the claims industry the recognition and awareness it deserves.

More people = more insight = more value for everyone involved.

If you want to become involved in our initiative, or indeed have any suggestions for how we can improve what we are doing, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the methods outlined at the bottom of the page.

We are also lucky to be supported by some of the leading brands in the industry.