1. e2e Total Loss Vehicle Management announced as new ILC Motor Corporate Partner

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    We’re excited to announce that we have a new Corporate Partner – e2e.

    e2e is the UK’s largest collective vehicle salvage operatorwith over 30 years’ experience of serving the motor insurance industry.

    e2e believes the time is right for motor insurers to expect more from their salvage partners.  Strong salvage values, total loss process efficiency, transparency, compliance rigor, environmental care and performance consistency are non-negotiable requirements. In addition, the ability to add value to every stage of the total loss process, reduce insurer indemnity spend, remove risk and protect reputation lay at the heart of e2e’s service offering.

    e2e members deliver nationwide coverage from over 50 environmentally compliant sites.  Insurers can choose to outsource the entire total loss vehicle management process to e2e or they can select from specific modules to meet their business requirements and budget.  Modules include emergency roadside recovery and storage, negotiation of inherited storage charges, assistance with vehicle documentation and keys management, engineering assessments by in-house AQP Qualified engineers, pre-accident valuation, total loss valuation and settlement negotiation with the policyholder.

    Neil Joslin, COO said:

    “We are delighted to be partnering with I Love Claims and look forward to collaborating with ILC partners and members in the motor claims industry.  Vehicle salvage is often the second largest revenue stream for motor insurers after premium income and we see huge opportunities to innovate, add value and positively transform the way insurers are working with their salvage partners.

    Our board members hold both insurance and salvage expertise and we are continually working to refine our value proposition and to redefine today’s salvage partner – we see partnership as much more than just competitive cost. We will be working with ILC to generate industry debate and to engage with and listen to the motor claims community, in order to respond with innovation that meets evolving market needs.”

    Chris Ashworth, Chairman & Founder of ILC, said:

    It’s fantastic to be working with a Corporate Partner with the dedication and commitment that you find at e2e. The partnership will be a huge benefit to us and our Motor Claims community and prove invaluable for those attending our motor conferences and networking lunches. It’s great to have them on board”.

    For further information please visit

  2. Little Theo sees the light to set a new course for telematics

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    Solar powered, self-installed with Intelligent Voice and Crash Detection

    London, August 2019:  Mike Brockman, CEO of Insurtech 100 firm ThingCo and the pioneer of telematics insurance in the UK has launched ‘Little Theo’, a solar powered, self-installed telematics device. Incorporating intelligent voice, sim card and crash detection, Little Theo will enable the motor insurance market to deliver next generation telematics services.  Test versions are now underway with a number of leading motor insurers.

    This ground breaking new service removes much of the complexity and cost of offering telematics insurance through fitted black boxes while vastly improving the quality and range of data collected via telematics smartphone apps, to better support the customer and insurer – in pricing, risk reduction and at claim.

    Little Theo is compact (71mm x 117mm x 11mm), sticks securely to the windscreen of the vehicle and can run for 50,000km per year before needing to be re-charged.  Along with gathering telematics data for driver scoring, Little Theo incorporates crash detection and intelligent voice to support the customer immediately post collision and during the claims process, with the customer’s permission.

    All data, trips and scores are relayed to the Theo App which gives instant feed-back to the user. Little Theo users can still benefit from the Theo reward scheme to encourage good driving and create a fun experience. The Theo team has many other unique ideas that gives insurers even more benefit as part of their telematics strategy.

    Mike Brockman said: “Little Theo is little brother to Big Theo which is our direct to consumer proposition.  It’s our solution to the costs associated with black boxes and the data quality, battery and safety issues associated with smartphone telematics apps.

    “To keep costs down for insurers, the device is self-installed and we have focused on the services that will make a fundamental difference to customers and to their insurers.  Little Theo will detect when a collision occurs and will speak to the driver to check they are OK and if necessary contact emergency services. Our smart FNOL service will then use the telematics data to establish the circumstances of the accident and guide the customer through the claims process.”

    “Insurers are simply not geared up to offer this level of service.  We will use delegated claims authority to support the customer and speed the claim to its conclusion, working for both the customer and the insurer.

    “Our serverless telematics platform is world class, ensuring we can deal with the peaks and troughs in demand with driver scoring part and parcel of the package we are offering insurers. We’re also in discussions with insurers to join our panel for ‘Big’ Theo.”



    Notes to Editors

    Little Theo is a product of ThingCo, founded by telematics pioneer Mike Brockman. Small, compact and completely wireless, Theo fits seamlessly to any vehicle’s windscreen – with a mobile app that helps track journeys, record and control driving data and unlock a world of benefits for safer drivers.


    For further press information please contact Lucy Wright at HSL on 0208 977 9132 or



  3. Interview with Don Clarke, Partner at Keoghs LLP

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    We’ve caught up with another of our speakers from our 10th Motor Claims Conference – Don Clarke, Partner at Keoghs LLP

    Do we expect to see more CMC’s combining multiple heads of claim in order to meet the revised limit rather than assist with unrepresented claimants?

    It is too early to say since we don’t have the full details in relation to the reforms.  Key issues such as how will ADR work and will it be binding on Defendants, what is MedCo’s role going to be, how are non-whiplash injuries going to be valued along with the tariff, are but three of the many outstanding issues.

    Crucially, we also don’t know whether CMCs will be limited to the same limit of success fees as Claimant solicitors, as if they are not, that increases the likelihood of having a market dominated by CMCs.  We are already seeing an increase in multi-site injuries year on year in preparation for the reforms and that is likely to continue and there is obviously an incentive to try to get claims over the new £ 5000 limit.

    Could CMC’s drive the claimants true compensation value down by trying to keep it in the LIP portal where they can easily process claims and take a deduction?

    Well they could, but I suspect that scenario will not be common.  There is a concern that CMSs will get involved in claims that they don’t have the relevant level of experience to properly handle.  As indicated above the lack of regulatory control about the size of any success fee for CMSs is unhelpful and needs to be addressed but we still anticipate that most claims that are genuinely outside of the portal are most likely to be referred to Claimant solicitors.

    Is reducing the value of whiplash to £0 the only viable option?

    That would have the desired impact of reducing both costs and damages.  However, a whiplash claim within the current definition can be quite debilitating and can cause absence from work so it would be very important to  clearly identify the claims which should be covered by such exclusions and be very clear where the cut – off point ends.

    However, if the current set of reforms are unsuccessful in cutting the cost and the number of such claims, that will increase the likelihood of a pro-reform Government taking such a step.

  4. Service Certainty Growth – 2 Million Images in a Year

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    Service Certainty has seen significant growth recently with continued popularity in the claims market. Providing both customer and professional media upload facilities it is now processing more than two million images of damage a year.

    Service Certainty has seen unprecedented growth as a result of the growing popularity of both customers and insurers to share media (photos or videos) and/or the collection of essential documents. Increasingly, these are vital services in the processing of a claim, across multiple lines of business. Service Certainty’s customer self-serve technology is deployed across the entire claims space: including Glass claims, Motor Damage claims, Mobility provision and – now a growth area for the business – in the Property claims market, too.Its network of more than 4,000 professional photographers take pictures, collect dashcam and capture CCTV footage as well as collecting key documents at crucial points of the claims journey.

    All this means Service Certainty is now processing in excess of two million images a year and has a rapidly growing number of CCTV & Dashcam uploads every day.“We are so proud of our continued growth here at Service Certainty,” said Graham Clarke, MD of Service Certainty. “Built on a reputation of listening to our customers, creating innovative solutions and successfully delivering every day. We are excited and motivated to continue to service the industry with new and market leading solutions.”

    About Service Certainty

    Established in 2009, Service Certainty™ is a driving force in developing customised and innovative multi-media capture solutions that delivers the much-needed evidence to facilitate timely claims decisions. Their pioneering approach to digital damage assessment is delivered securely on multiple platforms to enhance the customer’s journey and reduce ever-increasing claims costs.  Additionally, they are, the UK’s only independent network of Pro photographers and provide this unique service to the majority of the UK’s Insurers, Claims Management Companies and Repairers. Service Certainty™ is now receiving the acclaim it deserves as a global brand, operating across three continents as an ISO 27001 accredited firm.

    Liam Nye

    Paul Sell

    Graham Clarke

  5. Interview with Donna Scully, Director at Carpenters Group

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    We’ve caught up with another of our speakers from our recent 10th Motor Claims Conference – Donna Scully, Director at Carpenters Group 

    As LEI as a product takes on more significance, will insurers move to selling it as a stand-alone again and charging more?

    The MOJ estimate that around 50% of motor claimants will have LEI post reforms.  Policies are currently provided both as a stand-alone ancillary product, and embedded within the underlying motor policy.  LEI polices will become an even more valuable product post-reforms, as customers turn to their insurer to pay the legal costs that are no longer recoverable from the third party.  The new reliance on LEI will increase the attractiveness of the product and should increase sales.

    It is highly likely that insurers will pass the cost of claims onto customers through increased premiums.  Care needs to be taken to protect consumers to ensure that, at the same time, the nature of cover is not restricted in order to reduce the number of claims covered.

    Is the LIP portal likely to increase the volume of speculative fraudulent claims?

    There is certainly the potential for considerably more fraudulent claims. The problem with creating a frictionless claims process is that unless we’re very careful we are opening the door to fraudsters keen to exploit the new process.

    In the absence of humans to check the facts, fraud will become increasingly digitalised with ghost claims. Unfortunately, I think it will be the inevitable price to pay for squeezing lawyers largely out of the system to be replaced by bad claims farmers.

  6. Service Certainty launches new Document Collection Service

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    Service Certainty has once again expanded the capability of its field force of over 4,000 professionals to arrange secure collection of vehicle documents and keys nationwide.

    Following the recent success of a pilot with a Top 10 UK Insurer, Service Certainty’s new document collection service provides a solution to reduce common issues that often arise when a vehicle is recovered from the roadside or stolen and recovered.

    Without appropriate documents or a set of keys, vehicles can be advertised as non-runners, unable to display mileage or support the vehicle’s history. This can impact the salvage return value by up to 18%.

    Service Certainty is recognised throughout the industry for reducing claims costs and cycle times. In this instance, supporting Insurers by helping to achieve a higher market price for the salvage through providing the items prior to the salvage reaching auction.

    Claims handlers can arrange collection of any document or items belonging to a vehicle. Typically, these can be the items below, but not limited to:

    ·       Keys including any spares

    ·       V5 Log Book

    ·       Service & MOT history

    ·       Maintenance

    ·       Vehicle Hand Book

    Items are collected, packaged and sent to the designated address using tracked postage. Images are taken of all items collected and the images along with the tracking reference are made available to view within Service Certainty’s online Hub.

    A recent study demonstrated that collecting the keys and docs improved the salvage return values, up to 18%, particularly on prestige or high-value vehicles.

    Paul Sell, Director of Service Certainty (formerly head of supply chain, Aviva) says:

    “Having worked in the claims industry for a leading Insurer for over 10 years I understand the financial impact of speed in the total loss/ salvage process. 

    By collecting information swiftly and early in the process Customers,  Insurers and Salvage agents can all benefit; improving speed of settlement, auction value, site capacity and reduction in cycle time costs. Notwithstanding the fact it’s a better experience for the customer at a critical time.

    This is another example of how Service Certainty develops solutions to industry problems with an easy to use, cost effective product.”

    Service Certainty Ltd remains the only national independent provider of digital images for damage assessment via its comprehensive network of over 4,000 registered Pro photographers providing users the continued assurance that they have a tried and tested solution that fits all needs and budgets.

  7. Join ILC Day 2020!

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    ILC Day is where ILC members across the country ditch their uniforms to wear red on Thursday 14 February to raise vital funds for ILC’s official charity partner, Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity.

    Occurring always on the reddest day in the calendar, ILC Day is an annual event where we encourage everyone in the insurance claims industry to be our Valentine and show their love to Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity by wearing red to work and making a small donation to the charity.

    All donations raised on the day will go to Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. This will help them to continue to support the families with a seriously ill child that they care for, allowing families in unthinkable circumstances to make the most of their precious time together.

    In past years, companies of all sizes have signed up to take part, but their participation hasn’t always been limited to just wearing red. The amount of additional fundraising ideas people have adopted on the day has been staggering, from BBQ breakfasts to Office Olympics, and Raffles to Bake Sales, there is no limit to the fun you can have raising money on ILC Day.

    Sign your company up today by visiting the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity website or by emailing: to register your interest and help us succeed in raising £1,000,000 by the end of the year!

    Follow the social media buzz leading up to and on the day itself on Twitter and LinkedIn, using #ILCDay2020, and don’t forget to share your own photos and ideas!

    Sign up for ILC Day 14th February 2020 and join these companies!



  8. Interview with Martin Milliner, Claims Director at LV=

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    We’ve caught up with one of our speakers from our recent 10th Motor Claims Conference – Martin Milliner, Claims Director at LV=. 

    Here are his thoughts on the injury landscape going forward…

    Looking forward, what influence do you think new tech will have on the injury landscape?

    New tech will have a massive impact on the injury sector in the short to medium term. I’d expect a range of things to be in place in the next 3-5 years, including automated pain and suffering evaluation, the use of Virtual Reality based physio, CBT and other rehab related therapies, a huge step forward with technologically re-enabled claimants with neurological injuries, API based integrations with insurers and compensators to enable automated Ai based solutions to resolve lower value PI claims seamlessly.

    If insurers don’t stand behind their customers with LEI post reforms could it become the new PPI!?

    Possibly, it is disappointing that the MOJ and those involved in establishing the new portal/making the CLA come to life don’t appear to have LEI as an issue that needs tackling. Raising public awareness of the value and benefit of having quality LEI cover in place in the lead up to the CLA reforms is important.

    The risk of hollowing out of cover or mis-selling a product that isn’t well understood by consumers is a risk and we have already seen 1 or 2 policies move worryingly in the wrong direction.

    I would like to think that insurers would recognise this risk and continue to provide the existing levels of cover to their customers and would expect that in any event the FCA would intervene to protect consumers interests long before a PPI styled outcome occurred.

    Are any insurers investing more into third party intervention to take care of claimants rather than dealing with the inevitable claim?

    I think the answer should be yes. With the risk of “layering” in the absence of a Part 2 of the CLA and continuing bent metal cost creep post Hetherton v Coles there are many reasons for insurers needing to up their game on this.


  9. Industry Leader interview, John Ridd, CEO – eviid

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    About eviid

    eviid’s transformative evidential video reporting tool allows claims professionals and individuals to capture, validate, share and access video and other media quickly and easily; enabling claims handlers, policyholders and witnesses to share information in a single, tamper-proof package.

    The patented, proven technology turns video and photos captured on smart devices into reliable, verifiable evidence that is suitable for use in court proceedings, claims management and compliance cases.

    See the technology in action at the ILC Motor Claims Conference on 19th June.

    John Ridd



    How did you get to where you are today? 

    My background is in taking new technologies into unsuspecting markets, I led the first-ever underwriting of a data centre and worked with the Information Assurance Advisory Council and as part of global consortia of experts in cyber risk and insurance.

    I was CEO of NWIX Group, a national provider of IP network services before co-founding eviid in 2011 to bring secure, evidential video to compliance conscious markets.


    What’s the biggest challenge facing your sector of the industry? 

    Complexity – we’re working in an industry where there are a whole heap of barriers to bringing in new technologies.

    Insurance is an industry which is particularly susceptible to fraud and has some stringent compliance considerations. This means generic tech that works well in other industries simply won’t work for insurance. There’s some great tech out there but what insurers need is something that understands and works with the nuances of the industry and works around and within that complexity.

    We also know that insurance customers can be notoriously fickle, and rightly so, the meteoric rise of price comparison sites means it’s now the norm to review a policy at renewal, so everything counts when it comes to customer experience. New technology is great, but only when it makes the customer’s life easier as well as the business.

    3. How are you and your business dealing with this?  

    At eviid, because our team is made up of both tech experts and insurance fraud specialists, we really understand the industry we’re working in and we’ve been able to develop technology that will seamlessly integrate into existing claims processes.

    It means that we’ve been able to develop a technology that works meets the complex criteria the insurance industry requires, and our clients can access the benefits of video in speeding up resolutions without impacting on compliance, security or customer experience.


    4.  Out of your achievements, what are you most proud of and why?

    Developing a completely unique technology that solves and pre-empts some of the industry’s biggest headaches. We’ve developed world-class tech and we also know how to deploy it in insurance. The latter takes it beyond us knowing that our tech is great to seeing it do its magic in the real world. It’s making a difference to businesses!


    5.  What advice would you give to anyone starting out in your field?

    If you’re working with a new technology in insurance, my advice would be to always get your ducks in a row before rolling it out. The most successful people and organisations will be constantly horizon-scanning, arranging those ducks in readiness for the next tech breakthrough (for example, if you want to use analytics or AI in future, get your house in order in terms of collecting and storing data first!).


    6.  If you could change anything what would you do to make the insurance industry “Better tomorrow”?

    I’d say make use of tech that works within insurance workflows and recognise that’s not always an off the shelf ‘fashionable’ tech. This is a unique industry with factors that aren’t always as prevalent elsewhere and if tech makes things more complicated it’s simply won’t be used. If we want to transform it for the better, we must find the right tech solutions to meet our unique challenges.


    7.  What’s your top tip for being productive?

    Use the tech you’ve got wisely and often. If doing something differently saves you time, then do it that way often, so it becomes second nature to you rather than disrupting your flow.


    8.  What gadget can’t you live without?

    It’s got to be my smartphone. Sorry, I know it’s the boring answer!


    9.  Talent or Perseverance?

    Perseverance. It teaches you lessons, throws your strengths and weaknesses into sharp relief, gives you a hard edge. That in itself creates talent.


    10.  What do you do to switch off or escape from work?

    I go to the gym to focus on my physical fitness – and track how I’m doing with my smart watch, the other gadget I can’t live without.

  10. Industry Leader Interview – Keith Malik, Director – Global Accounts, AkzoNobel Coatings

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    Keith Malik is Director – Global Accounts at AkzoNobel Coatings

    AkzoNobel has a passion for paint. Experts in the proud craft of making paints and coatings, setting the standard in color and protection since 1792.

    Visit the Akzo Nobel exhibition stand at our 10th Motor Claims Conference on 19th June 2019.

    1.  How did you get to where you are today? 

    I have been fortunate to enjoy 23 years now at AkzoNobel, starting as a business consultant developing our Acoat network in the UK and during my 23 years being able to access AkzoNobel’s various training and development programs.  That allowed me to become the person I am today, representing our business on our global management team.

    2.  What’s the biggest challenge facing your sector of the industry?

    A severe lack of skills and frankly, parents still seeing our industry as the dirty end of the career spectrum.

    3.  How are you and your business dealing with this? 

    We run global programs for development and training of youngsters and look to place these youngsters into either apprentice or semi trained positions with our willing customers.

    4.  Out of your business achievements, what are you most proud of and why?

    I am most proud of the team I am lucky to lead, mainly because we challenge and grow together daily and outperform many of our peers to achieve significant growth for our business.

    5.  What advice would you give to anyone starting out in the industry?

    You are in control of your career, own it and choose a path that suits you as you grow and become the person you wish to be.

    6.  If you could change anything what would you do to make the insurance industry “Better tomorrow”?

    Better collaboration across the value chain to reduce waste for all and help us invest more for a better future together.

    7.  What’s your top tip for being productive?

    Have a plan and learn to delegate effectively.

    8.  What gadget can’t you live without?

    My George Foreman… cant beat it!

    9.  Talent or Perseverance?  

    Both, we need a balance to achieve our goals and to know which should be in the lead when.

    10.  What do you do to switch off or escape from work?

    I love to chill to music, good wine, good food and good company!