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Service Certainty launches new no-charge “imageproof® OnSite” Product

Date: 26/10/2015

Service Certainty Ltd continues to innovate within its sector and has launched exciting new product called “imageproof® OnSite®”, which is available in addition to existing services for free.

“imageproof® OnSite®” provides the ability for body shops and insurers to communicate via video and images whilst damaged vehicles requiring assessment are on the repairers premises or an estimator is in the field.

Should the body shop need to communicate additional information to the insurer regarding the vehicle, such as previously unseen damage it can do so using a video and commentary alongside multiple still images and then share the information via a unique URL and it’s dedicated online imageviewer platform.

This minimises cycle time and the information is readily available for the insurer to view and listen to.

Service Certainty will provide this service free of charge to any clients already using their award winning PRO service, but it can also be offered as a standalone product for a small fee.

Service Certainty continues to provide the market leading imaging solutions with a broad range of applications and solutions to claims management and at the same time reducing costs and delivering better customer service.

A bespoke web based software platform delivers a complete workflow and logging service that enables customers to follow each assignment every step of the way, as well as have immediate two way communication directly from the assignment page. Furthermore, they also provide estimating services and multi-supplier tiered handover to enable insurers and body shops to pass jobs between themselves for more rapid decision making and fewer customer touch points.

Imageproof OnSite is provided without the requirement for any additional software or hardware, and can be fully integrated with any smartphone, ensuring that no additional costs are incurred by the user and set up is quick and seamless. As with all imageproof products OnSite is fully integrated with Audatex, enabling images to be automatically populated without further intervention.

Liam Nye, CEO, commented “I am so proud to bring a free product to our portfolio of image solutions enabling repairers and insurers to communicate in near real time and making the customer even better.

Source: Service Certainty