ARC360 – creating a better tomorrow

We are delighted to bring you ARC360, the new forum aimed specifically at the automotive incident repair sector. 

We will be bringing together key persons of influence from across the sector to provide a transparent platform for executive level interaction, strategic collaboration and innovative problem solving.

Crucially, ARC360 aims to ensure that all perspectives are considered, and everyone’s voice is heard. 

Our inaugural event will highlight the sector status-quo from every perspective, bringing to the fore the challenges and opportunities that currently exist, and how through greater understanding we can create a ‘better tomorrow through what we learn today’.

Key persons of influence from repair – Chris Weeks, executive director, NBRA; claims – Rob Smale, claims transformation specialist; and OEM – Jeff Mack, OEM accident repair sector specialist are already in place to share insights into their respective areas of expertise. More names will be revealed shortly.

To secure your place at what is the dawn of a new era in automotive repair community interaction, please book your ticket today.

Source: ILC


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