DAC Beachcroft unveils new claims cost tool

International law firm DAC Beachcroft has unveiled a new digital forecasting tool to help claims teams calculate legal costs permutations under the newly-extended Fixed Recoverable Costs (FRC) rules.

The new FRC rules were introduced on 1 October and apply to claims valued at up to £100,000.

The new tool, FoReCast, enables handers to instantly calculate the fixed legal costs that will be payable as a claim progresses through the different stages of the civil court process. It also provides users with an indication of the ‘complexity’ bracket that a claim is likely to fall into.  

Head of Costs Adam Burrell said, “Our FoReCast tool gives clients a simple, digital means of quickly costing different strategies for a claim and so choose the best solution for keeping their indemnity spend down. By inputting a minimal amount of information, users obtain the costs information they need to carry out a cost/benefit analysis of taking a case to trial by setting out the cost of each stage of the claims process.”


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