Getting in Shape for Claims

This year’s Home and Property Claims Conference will be on 30 November at Silverstone.

As always we will be inviting our participants and delegates to explore the issues that face the industry.

This year we are looking for the possible solutions to the challenges of inflation, technology uptake, cost. Etc  Property Claims face some big decisions on how to react quickly.

Through educational presentations and some great panel sessions we will be looking at:

  • decision making
  • experts
  • efficiency
  • process
  • automation
  • AI

We’ll ask what is needed to get in shape for all claims parties.

We will look at being Tech enabled – what does that mean and how does it help us?

Our first session will be a presentation looking at the process and asking about being Tech enabled, what it does and what it should do.

Then we will have an expert panel considering What shape is the claims process heading towards?

  • touches
  • environmental
  • consumer duty
  • cost challenges
  • inflation
  • decision making

Our next presentation will look at what could be done to help us all solve some of the puzzles.

Then a panel will debate What drivers are dictating that shape?

  • customer service
  • efficiency
  • changing attitudes
  • making decisions

Once all is examined and debated, we have the real challenge of getting the supply chain in shape.

Suppliers – what do they need to do?

  • speed
  • quicker decisions
  • positive working (common goal)
  • using expertise


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