Audatex enhances Agile collaboration

Audatex has announced that automotive insurtech Agile Developments is launching a new app that will use Audatex data to help determine at FNOL if a vehicle is repairable or a total loss.

The app is being launched to identify total losses earlier in the process and therefore reduce the number of vehicles going into the repair network. By capturing the relevant data and claims information quickly and easily, it is expected to speed up the claim, mitigate losses while also helping to reduce fraud.

Dominic Czechak, National Account Manager at Solera, said, “We are excited to continue working with Agile Developments and collaborate with a growing Insurtech on their innovation journey. We are always seeking new ways to support our customers and deliver on our vision of touch-less claims and improved experience for all policyholders, utilising our global data and claims expertise.”

Scott Greenhill, Founder and CEO, Agile Developments Group, said, “Agile Developments is proud to be working in collaboration with Solera Audatex, offering innovative, transformational, data and technology solutions to the automotive and insurance industry. The launch of the Agile Claim app will give us the ability to support our business partners and their customers by simplifying the process of making a claim, enabling faster decisions on repairs, total loss, liability and settlement, while also reducing claims duration and cost,” said.


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