Audatex upgrades MVM solution

Audatex has added vehicle valuation data from eBay-owned and cap hpi to its Market Value Manager solution.

By incorporating data from an even wider pool of sources, it will help insurers to accurately calculate the pre-accident value of a vehicle and offer settlements that are up-to-date and in line with Financial Conduct Authority policies.

Christopher Wright, Vice President – North Europe, Solera, said, “Our aim is to ensure MVM contains the most comprehensive data in order to deliver a highly accurate solution for the market.

“In such a turbulent market, insurers need composite data to ensure that their valuations are accurate, valid and timely. We now offer multiple data points, including real time information, based on which insurers can make their decision

Derren Martin, Director of Valuations, cap hpi, said, “Real-time live data is paramount for insurers to ensure they offer fair settlement to customers and maintain their profit margin. Continuing world events have added so much strain and complication to the new and used car market that vehicle values are now changing constantly during the course of the month. Our award-winning valuations data helps lower risk in these ever-changing times.”


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