Clear path ahead for Clearspeed

Clearspeed has reported a significant 200% client growth during 2023.

The company develops voice analytics technology for the insurance sector that helps it process simple claims quicker while also flagging up potentially high-risk cases with a 97% accuracy.

The company has also unveiled a new brand identity and corporate vision, ‘Trust Faster’.

Alex Martin, CEO, said, “Clearspeed’s commitment to helping clients build trust faster is not just reflected in a new brand identity, but in the ongoing investment in product development and innovative voice analytics technology. Backed by our recent Series C funding, we are investing in enhancing our product features and functionality, such as with Clearspeed Surge, a product that can quickly scale automated claims triage for catastrophic events.”

He continued, “We believe that our focus on innovation and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the market, and we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries and deliver in critical moments that matter.”


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