Copart answers Ben’s rallying call

Copart has announced it is backing the Ben Automotive Charity’s Christmas Appeal.

The automotive charity has been Copart’s chosen charity since 2015 and recognises that while demand for Ben’s health and wellbeing services has escalated during the pandemic, the last few years have been particularly difficult with so many fundraising events cancelled.

As such it is pledging support to Ben’s Christmas Appeal, which it hopes will generate upwards of £500,000.

Jane Pocock, Managing Director of Copart, said, “Christmas can be a difficult time for people struggling with their mental health or money worries, so at this time of year the services of Ben are more important than ever. It’s been a challenging year for charitable organisations, so donations are vital to meet the growing demand for support services within the automotive community. Copart has been extremely fortunate to receive outstanding assistance from Ben over the years, we’re delighted to make a donation to their Christmas Appeal, and we urge others within the industry to step forward and pledge their support.”


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