Davies Group develops EV data solution

Davies Group has invested in specialist equipment that will offer greater insights into collisions involving Tesla vehicles.

Data can be now downloaded from 2018-onwards Models 3, S Y and X, enabling Davies Group to provide critical crash insights and analysis to its customers.

Available data will include key details such as occupancy state, seatbelt usage, mileage, drive mode, collision Delta-V, and up to five seconds of data relating to: speed, braking, stability, accelerator position, steering wheel angle, and lateral and longitudinal accelerations.

This launch follows similar launches that enabled Davies Group to obtain crash data from other manufacturers, and it believes it is critical in the successful roll out of electric vehicles.

Last year the electric vehicles sector reached a record high with 6.3 million sales, up 102% from the previous year, and by 2030 sales are expected to rise to 26.8 million units worldwide.

Tesla continues to lead the way in this area, with the Tesla Model 3 the best-selling fully electric vehicle in the UK in 2021 with 34,783 vehicles sold. A further 13,000 Model 3s and Model Ys were sold in March alone.


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