ERS sets sights on ‘under-served’ drivers

Specialist motor insurer ERS is planning significant expansion after undergoing a process of digitalisation and infrastructure development to support a larger customer base.

It will now focus on growing its book in the non-standard retail sector, targeting specific segments of the market where it feels drivers have been underserved by the mainstream market.

This includes drivers of older vehicles and those with vehicles valued at up to £100k, including EVs.
ERS is also planning to serve drivers affected by credit blemishes and those with previous claims or convictions.

Suraj Sachdev, Head of Non-Standard Retail, said: “Ultimately, what we’re doing is bridging the gap between the everyday personal motor insurance that we’re already trading digitally and the specialist manual products we offer through our underwriters.

“We understand that a prior claim or a lapse of judgement might not be a true reflection of future driving habits. And while we won’t be able to cater to every scenario, we’ll be able to serve far more of the market than when we were manually underwriting these products.

“Our specialist underwriters have spearheaded the development of detailed risk appetites, underpinned by enhanced data-driven risk models for these drivers, resulting in us approaching the market safely, with confidence and profitability in mind.”


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