Motor Claims Festival – Future of Automotive Q&A with Greg Weingarten

  • Is this system plug and play or does it need calibration?

The system is installed by Mobileye technicians as it requires calibration; it takes on average of one hour per vehicle and there’s nothing further. Any additional features are delivered as Over The Air updates.

  • The tech seems like is covers lots of elements already , what is the next step – is there other assests that you are looking to be able to report on?

The list of assets – static and dynamic – is growing and we will roll these out when the system has been trained to identify them. As an example, we are now able to identify pot holes which was not something the system was able to detect until recently.

  • How effective is the system in inclement weather (heavy rain, fog etc)?

The system operates in adverse weather conditions but in heavy fog, if the driver is unable to detect a road sign for example, the system will not pick it up either.

  • Speed camera detection?

We can detect speed cameras (the pole) as an asset. The question I misunderstood during the session is if Mobileye can give drivers a speed camera warning. We are unable to do so, but as a reminder, we identify speed signs – speed limit indicator.

  • Loads of questions about where the data is held, how, how long for etc.  Do you provide raw data to your customers?

The datasets are delivered in the form of GIS layers per road segment.

  • Greg who owns the data collected? Mobileye, the owner of the vehicle?

Mobileye owns the data. In the same way the owner of a mobile phone does not own the data collected and transmitted from their phone, the vehicle operator does not own the data harvested from the technology.

  • How well do retrofit systems cope with lane marking changes when there are roadworks – e.g. temporarily narrowed lanes during motorway works? 

Very well. The system will detect temporary lane markings.


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