OIC issues more than ‘teething problems’

Carpenters Group director Donna Scully has outlined the steps that need to be taken to improve the Official Injury Claim portal.

The Ministry of Justice is commissioning research to investigate why the portal is not being used by litigants in person, with more than 90% of consumers on the portal represented.

But Scully says the answer is simple: it is too confusing.

She says the process is too long-winded, with delays occurring at almost every stage, from uploading claims, submitting medical reports and other evidence, and negotiating settlements.

She says the issues can no longer still be described as teething problems, with just 1.6% of represented customers able to settle their claims in the first six months.

Scully has urged the MoJ to recognise the scale of the problems and give the Motor Insurers’ Bureau to resources it needs to resolve the issues.


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