ThingCo Jonathan Valentine sets up a website to connect volunteers with the vulnerable to help them get essential supplies. Can you help?

24th March 2020

With the current situation and families split and spread over the UK, leaving people isolated, I’ve built a text bot and portal (for approved parties only) to help connect the vulnerable and elderly who are now in self isolation with food parcels, with the aim to get some restaurants and food banks onboard with this.

They or a family member can simply text the number to register and we’ll make sure they get looked after. I was only intending to run this in Newcastle, doing deliveries myself, but I’ve had a few people reach out on Twitter asking if they can use the platform in their town.

I’ve made some changes (so it’s less Geordie), and am happy to help any organisations who wish to rollout and run this in their area. It’s going to be a tough few months, and those in isolation will need our help more then ever, and even if this helps one family, I’ll be satisfied. Any help would be much appreciated, from sharing this message to introducing me to parties this could help, or who could help the project. HTTPS://WWW.HELPINGHANDPROJECT.CO.UK


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