Zego unveils fleet management solution

Zego has launched a new solution that will provide fleet managers with a clear and concise overview of fleet performance and real-time risk.

Sitting within the Zego Fleet Portal, Risk Management will offer managers the chance to see both driver and vehicle data, delivering insights that can support safer driving, greater fleet efficiency and lower premiums.

Included on the new Risk Management dashboard is a snapshot of overall risk profile based on fleet data from the last seven days. It will also highlight the performance of individual vehicles, enabling managers to make improvements to vehicle safety and driver behaviour where necessary.

The company said, “Risk Management from Zego is a step change for how fleets can control their performance. Our goal is to provide customers with an accurate and complete picture of fleet performance; to help us do that, we ask them to ensure they have Zego telematics installed and connected across their fleet (minimum 80%).”


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