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7th Home Claims Conference 2019

Future Look – The New Balance

This year we continued our Future Look theme by focusing on the The New Balance – Skills and Knowledge.

The event centered around a consideration of effective ways to align new and existing skills and knowledge to provide positive change and innovation within the Home Claims industry.

Industry thought leaders and experts shared their expertise and wisdom with over 400 home claims professionals as they guided us through the below areas:

  • How modern demand is driving change in the knowledge and skills we need within the claims industry
  • Where and how do new and traditional skills merge as we look to the future 
  • How the evolving claims process is going to change the balance
  • What the real balance/demand is between modern expectations, digital progress and claims expertise
  • The importance of Traditional and valued expertise and how it should be used
  • What the longevity is of retaining expertise for use at the right time i.e. Insurance, Trades, Technical, Disposal, Flood etc

A great event, packed full of thought provoking and stimulating insight in to the current state of the Home Claims Industry and what we can look forward to in terms of innovation and development in the years to come.


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